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※九州大学 医学研究院次世代医療研究開発講座からの講演案内です。

九州大学 医学研究院次世代医療研究開発講座より、日台アントレプレナーシップに

1.日 時:

平成28年9月21日(水) 17:00~18:55

2.場 所:

九州大学 病院キャンパス 臨床小講堂1
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17:00~17:05 Opening Remarks
九州大学医学研究院 次世代医療研究開発講座 教授 杉山大介

17:05~17:20 「Current Status of Entrepreneur Education by the Kyushu University CCTR」
九州大学医学研究院 次世代医療研究開発講座 助教 Swain Anthony

「Technology to Business: Medical Device Entrepreneurship
Ecosystem in Taiwan」

Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI)
Vice President, Shau Yio-Wha氏

ITRI is fully devoted to nurturing Taiwan’s emerging Industries. To truly
impact society by applying innovative R&D achievements.
How we built the ecosystem for innovative technologies from universities to
become startups in Taiwan? Bridging the universities to industries?
How we help Taiwan medical device companies in clinical development and
commercialization of their new devices?

「Commercialization of Innovative New Drug Development from
Academia-SI2C Approach」

Supra Integration and Incubation Center
CMO, Chern Herng-Der氏

With the vision of "Branding Taiwan Biotech", Supra Integration and
Incubation Center (SI2C) was established as a cross-ministry national program project in 2011.
To coordinate and conduct the mission designated, SI2C' has assembled a
management team with multi-disciplinary expertise covered clinical, regulatory, basic science, patent, marketing, project management and business development. To achieve the goal,SI2C uses the following strategies:1. value chain identification,
2. funding R&D projects from academia or startup companies via rigorous projects selection process,due diligence, setup go/no go criteria with milestone payment, project management and business development for licensing out or set up new startup companies,
3. setting up drug development training program, SPARK-Taiwan, in 5
universities via collaboration with Stanford Universities,
4. integrating the cross-ministry ecosystem especially via the one-stop shop National Bio Research Park, and 6. serving as a contact
window for international interaction in related activities.
Over the last 5 years, SI2C concept has been well received by all stakeholders and is about to expand to a even higher level for its vision in the near future.

18:50~18:55 Closing Remarks
九州大学ロバート・ファン/アントレプレナーシップ・センター (QREC) 特命教授
(九州大学グローバルアントレプレナー育成促進事業:EDGEプログラム総括リーダー) 谷川 徹

司会:九州大学医学研究院 次世代医療研究開発講座 教授 杉山大介

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